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by posted 09/17/2021

Hello U10-2 Cheetos Parents and Players,  

Hope everyone had a great week and are ready for our Saturday morning game!  I unfortunately will not be able to be at the game this week as I will be at an all day Jimmy Fund Fundraiser; Coach Chrissy will be taking the reins on Saturday and she will coach; the league has also asked that coaches referee this week, which will present a challenge for us on Saturday.

And so we're hoping a parent or parents could help out with either refereeing or coaching this week, as it would be an immense help.  Coach Chrissy would certainly have he hands full coaching and refereeing simultaneously and so we're hoping for some assist if possible from a parent or two.   

We are not sure yet whether the league will require coaches to referee going forward, but we should be ok either way if that is the case as both myself and coach Chrissy will be there for the rest of the games; as mentioned, this is a special week.  

If any questions or concerns or if you'd like to volunteer your services, please let coach Chrissy know at the game; of course you can call me to let us know as well @ 978-771-3977.  

1, 2, 3 - GO CHEETOS!!  

Play hard this week team!  -  Coach Nick 

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