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Windham Soccer Association
Recreation Information
Below is some helpful information about the Windham Soccer Association Recreational League
Our main emphasis is on the development of each child in our program. The three areas of a child's development we are concerned about are:
physical development, by learning soccer skills and improving fitness and conditioning.
psychological development, by learning to control their emotions and developing positive feelings of self-worth; and
social development, by learning how to be a part of a team and display appropriate sportsmanship.
We feel that the best environment for a child to develop in these areas is an environment where there is no pressure to win! If we strive to encourage each child to do their very best and not be concerned about winning, then we feel like each child will be able to experience personal success and growth - and that's a winning program!  To help create this type of atmosphere, we have instituted the following guidelines:
Every child plays in every game.  Playing time is equitable among all team members
Win-loss records for teams are not kept.  There are no team awards.
There are no post-season tournaments for U10 and below (U12, U15, and U18 intertown leagues often have a small playoff series)
All Divisions in WSA's recreation program are co-ed.
For those in the older age brackets (U12, U15, and U18), WSA participates in an Inter-Town League with surrounding towns, such as Derry, Merrimack, Hampstead, and Salem.   As the number of players available at these older age groups tends to be smaller, this provides those that want to still play an opportunity to do so in a slightly more competitive environment.  Teams are still open to all age-eligible players, practices are still held in Windham, and games will either be here in Windham, or at fields of the other participating towns.  
The following information is for reference only ... game times are subject to change - Field size may be updated based upon US Soccer guidelines
Division   Ball Size      Field Size          Game Time
Tiny Tots                3                  Fun Games               45 minute Session 
U6                         3                     4 v 4                    4-8 minute quarters
U8                         3                     6 v 6                   4-10 minute quarters
U10                       4                     7 v 7                   2-25 minute quarters
U12                       4                     9 v 9                   2-30 minute halves
U15                       5                    11 v 11                2-35 minute halves
U18                       5                    11 v 11                2-40 minute halve

Registration for the FALL recreation league will begin in May for the upcoming Fall 
Any SPRING league registration will typically occur in March/April for that Spring
Please use the following link to register: WSA Registration
Coaches and Volunteers
The Windham Soccer Association relies solely on volunteers from the community to run the league. If you are interested in being a head coach or an assistant coach, please indicate so on your child’s registration form. All coaches must complete the Kid Safe form prior to coaching.  Any questions regarding volunteering can be directed to the WSA President  Kim Devries, at .net  
IMPORTANT: Please note that the number of teams offered in each Division depends directly upon the number of volunteer coaches we receive.  All teams need to have a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach.  Unfortunately, if we are not able to get enough coaches, we may be forced to reduce the number of teams as well as the total number of players who are able to play on a first come, first served basis.
Season Dates and Practices
The season is expected to begin on or about the week of Labor Day. The first weekend’s games are expected to begin the first Saturday after Labor Day.  The season will run for approximately eight weeks (No Rec Games on Columbus Day weekend). If we have any rainouts we will try to reschedule, but will not go later than the first weekend in November. 
The general rule of thumb for the Recreation program is as follows:
Tiny Tots: one weekly session, led by a professional trainer (no teams, parent volunteers, group sessions) - this runs for 7 weeks (does not meet on Columbus Day Weekend)
U6, U8, U10: one practice during the week, and one game on the weekend (games are typically on Saturdays) (team based, parent coach/assistant coach)
U12, U15 and U18: one practice during the week (coaches may, at their discretion, request a second practice if there is time and space available), and one game on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday, at home or away)(team based, parent coach/assistant coach)
Uniforms and Equipment Needs
Each recreational player in WSA will receive a team shirt for the season.
Players must provide their own shorts, shinguards and proper footwear (cleats are required for U6 and above). 
All players MUST have a water bottle for practices and games - without exception. 
Players should bring a proper size soccer ball
PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CHILD'S NAME IS ON ALL OF THEIR EQUIPMENT - Bags, balls, water bottled, jackets, shoes, cleats, etc.  
Please note that NO jewelry of any kind is allowed during WSA play. This includes: necklaces, earrings, rings and headgear. Please note this DOES INCLUDE newly pierced ears - no earings are permitted at all.
Covering the ears with band-aids or tape is not allowed and will be enforced by the coaches and referees WITHOUT exception.  
Please note that this rule is enforced at the state level and handed down to all teams - this is for the safety of your children.
Glasses are permitted for those that need them, but should be either sports goggles or should be secured by an appropriate headband.
Again, exceptions will not be made for any reason.  
Tiny Tots Soccer
Please note this program is based on Fun and Fun only. Tots will be oriented to the game of soccer through fun games and soccer exercises. Tots will not be divided into teams. Parents may help out with the sessions with the emphasis on fun and learning. WSA is trying to give tots the opportunity to be part of the WSA program but the tot program will not be the same as the U-6 program. Participants will play soccer games such as crab soccer, ducks and hunters, dribbling around the world , steal the bacon and world cup. The participants may build up to small sided 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 games as the week’s progress. Each participant will also receive a t-shirt just as the older teams do!  The emphasis is on touching the ball, developing a feel for how to move with the ball, and instill a love for the game!